Your #1 Guide to Iliacus Muscle Pain

The iliacus muscle is located deep on both sides of the hip and is shaped to fit the exact shape of the hip. Sometimes it is referred to as the Iliopsoas, alongside the psoas muscle of the hip. These two muscles combined are the strongest hip flexors within the body. Its function is to flexContinue reading “Your #1 Guide to Iliacus Muscle Pain”

Where Can I Find Post Natal Massage In Perth?

The impact of pregnancy on your muscles There are a lot of things that can cause pain or strain within your body during pregnancy. Your body has had to adapt to a multitude of changes throughout pregnancy. For example, the added weight of your child within your belly can be straining on your lower backContinue reading “Where Can I Find Post Natal Massage In Perth?”

What Does Pre And Post Natal Exercise Involve?

Exercise is fantastic to physically strengthen your muscles; lose weight and raise your energy levels. Mentally, exercise can relieve stress and help prevent postpartum depression. It is understandable as a new mother that you will have limited time to exercise. At any opportunity you get 5 minutes of exercise is better than no exercise! However,Continue reading “What Does Pre And Post Natal Exercise Involve?”

What’s the Difference Between Soft Tissue Occupational Therapy vs Physiotherapy

Soft tissue occupational therapy vs physiotherapy Occupational therapy A soft tissue occupational therapist is very ‘hands on’ with treatments. We review each individual and consider how your injury/musculoskeletal disorder/pain is impacting on your life. We look at your daily occupations such as work, hobbies, sleep or your role in caring for kids and consider howContinue reading “What’s the Difference Between Soft Tissue Occupational Therapy vs Physiotherapy”

5 Groin Strain Rehabilitation Exercises

What is groin strain? A groin strain usually involves a tear or injury to the muscles of the inner thigh. You may feel pain, decreased strength within the legs, weakness, tightness, stiffness, cramps, swelling, bruising, limping or difficulty with walking or running. Pain may be apparent on certain actions such as raising the knee andContinue reading “5 Groin Strain Rehabilitation Exercises”

31 Exercises That You Can Do At Home before pregnancy.

Due to the recent COVID crisis, pre pregnancy home exercises have never been more accessible or easier to find.  Exercise has a whole range of health benefits, which is amplified pre pregnancy as the positive impacts will impact on your future child. Starting exercise now will make it easier for you to return to theseContinue reading “31 Exercises That You Can Do At Home before pregnancy.”

Your #1 Guide To VMO Muscle Pain

What is the VMO muscle? VMO stands for vastus medialis oblique. It is one of the four muscle that make on the quadriceps, which is located at the front of the thighs. The VMO is the innermost muscle of the thighs. The VMO muscle has a teardrop shape. The function of the VMO is toContinue reading “Your #1 Guide To VMO Muscle Pain”

7 Anterior Cruciate Ligament Rehabilitation Exercises For You

What is the anterior cruciate ligament? The anterior cruciate ligament is also known as the ACL. This ligament (strong connective tissue) is found within the knee joint and connects the femur (thigh bone) to the tibia (the leg bone). The function of the anterior cruciate ligament is to connect the femur bone to the tibiaContinue reading “7 Anterior Cruciate Ligament Rehabilitation Exercises For You”

The Best Personal Training for Clients with Injuries

Exercise Physiologists for personal training clients with injuries Exercise physiologists are fantastic for personal training clients with injuries. They have a minimum 4 years’ worth of university study experience and are part of the allied health profession. They study exercise and the effects on soft tissue conditions, injuries and pain. They have a strong understandingContinue reading “The Best Personal Training for Clients with Injuries”

5 Tips To Manage Permanent Muscle Spasm Pain

Permanent muscle spasm A muscle spasm is an involuntary contraction within the muscles of your body. This means that your muscles suddenly tighten without your conscious intent. There are two types of muscles spasms:  Acute muscle spasms: These spasms occur from overuse, injury, dehydration or lack of proper warm up before exercise. A spasm canContinue reading “5 Tips To Manage Permanent Muscle Spasm Pain”