Women’s Group Training

Get personalised attention at a fraction of the cost.

Everyone in our women’s group training gets a personalised program to help you achieve your individual fitness goals. Groups are limited to a maximum of 6 people and where possible, people with similar goals are grouped. This class is perfect for pre and post natal clients wanting to rehabilitate from diastasis recti (abdominal separation), to lose weight post pregnancy or safely return to exercise post pregnancy.

Women Group Training is only available at our Ellenbrook location: 214 Holdsworth Ave Aveley.



2x a week

Train 2x a week at Urban Health HQ. You get to pick the days, and can change what days you come in every week.

3x a week

Train 3x a week at Urban Health HQ. You get to pick the days. With our program you’re guaranteed to see results!

5x a week

Train 5x a week and see better results faster. Ever tried to train 5x a week and eventually dropped off? Try our small group training. We will keep you accountable and you will see actual results.

I have been doing small group training with the team at Urban Health HQ for the past year. Through training I have lost weight, gained a booty and made some life long friends. I can’t thank Urban Health HQ enough!


Let’s achieve your goals

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