3 Simple Metatarsal Stress Fracture Rehabilitation Exercises

What is a metatarsal? Metatarsals are the bones of the foot. There are 5 metatarsals in each foot and these bones are located between the ankle and toes.  What is a metatarsal stress fracture? A metatarsal stress fracture is a very thin crack within one or multiple metatarsal bones. This fracture will develop from anContinue reading “3 Simple Metatarsal Stress Fracture Rehabilitation Exercises”

How to Find the Right Personal Trainer When you Have an Injury

Exercising when you have an injury can be hard to get right. Often you may find that your normal gym program is making your pain worse and that you may need to stop training all together to heal. We recommend first speaking to an Exercise Physiologist about your injury and your training goals before givingContinue reading “How to Find the Right Personal Trainer When you Have an Injury”

What are the Benefits of Pre and Post Natal Exercise?

Exercise is fantastic to physically strengthen your muscles; lose any weight you have gained and raise your energy levels. Mentally, exercise can relieve stress and help prevent postpartum depression. It is understandable as a new mother that you will have limited time to exercise. At any opportunity you get 5 minutes of exercise is better than no exercise! However, as your body has recently undergone major changes, returning to exercise can be difficult, especially as you do not want to injure yourself.

3 Exercises Excellent for Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiac health is extremely important in improving overall health and to either treat or minimise the impact of cardiac health conditions such as cardiovascular disease, recent heart attack, heart failure and arrhythmia. Following the diagnosis of any of these conditions, it is important to consult with an Exercise Physiologist to complete cardiac rehabilitation in aContinue reading “3 Exercises Excellent for Cardiac Rehabilitation”