What Does Cervical Spasm Treatment Involve?

What is a spasm? A muscle spasm is an involuntary tightening of the muscles – these muscles tighten without your conscious intent. Muscle spasms can cause pain, stiffness tension, cramps, weakness, aches or difficulty with movements. Muscle spasms within the neck (cervical region) can be root cause of your frequent headaches. Spasms can occur asContinue reading “What Does Cervical Spasm Treatment Involve?”

What is Popliteus Muscle Pain?

The popliteus is a deep muscle located behind your knee. Its function is to assist with knee flexion (bending) by ‘unlocking’ the joint through internal and external rotation of femur on the tibia bone. During walking, the popliteus externally rotates as the tibia comes in contact with the ground within the gait cycle. The tibiaContinue reading “What is Popliteus Muscle Pain?”