What Does Cervical Spasm Treatment Involve?

What is a spasm? A muscle spasm is an involuntary tightening of the muscles – these muscles tighten without your conscious intent. Muscle spasms can cause pain, stiffness tension, cramps, weakness, aches or difficulty with movements. Muscle spasms within the neck (cervical region) can be root cause of your frequent headaches. Spasms can occur asContinue reading “What Does Cervical Spasm Treatment Involve?”

How To Fix Your Scalene Muscle Pain

The scalenes are a group of muscles found in both sides of your neck. They are made up of three muscles: the anterior scalene, the middle scalene and the posterior scalene. The scalene muscles can refer pain to the chest, upper back, shoulder, arms, wrist, hand and thumb.

Soft tissue occupational therapy treatment focuses on treating musculoskeletal disorders of the body through diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation. A soft tissue occupational therapist will be able to correctly locate the source of your pain and use hands-on treatments such as trigger point therapy and dry needling to provide pain relief.

How to Reduce Neck Spasm Pain

There may be a number of issues that contribute to your neck spasm pain. The spasm may be a result from awkward turning of the neck or head. Neck spasm may also occur from awkward sleeping positions, poor posture, overuse muscle injury, stress tension or spinal disc or nerve problem. Your soft tissue occupational therapist can diagnose the cause of your neck muscle spasm pain to provide effective therapeutic intervention to reduce your pain and restore normal functioning of the neck. A soft tissue occupational therapist is an expert in hands on treatment including trigger point release massage therapy, trigger point dry needling and myofascial release.