Exercise Physiology

Experts in Exercise

Our Exercise Physiologists specialise in the prescription of exercise. They can help you whether your goal is to rehabilitate musculoskeletal pain, lose weight, manage your diabetes, pre and post pregnancy rehabilitation and so much more.

“The greatest medicine is to teach people how not to need it”

NDIS Registered Provider

Our Exercise Physiologists are registered NDIS providers. They work one on one with NDIS provider managed, plan managed and self managed clients at our Ellenbrook and Wanneroo Locations to assist you to reach your goals whether you want to improve your strength and mobility, core stability, postural control or even learn to ride a bike and so much more!

What we treat

From tight weak muscles to obesity, our Exercise Physiologists treat it all. Our Exercise Physiologists are located in our Ellenbrook and Wanneroo locations.

What People Say

Tim gave me all the tools to ensure that I can manage my lower back pain by just adding in 15 minutes of rehabilitation 3x a week. I haven’t touched the nuerofen since!



Initial Appointment

Our Exercise Physiology Initial appointments last for 40 minutes and to allow for plenty of time for you to tell us exactly what is going on for you and to really get to the bottom of your pain.

Standard Appointment

Expect to move during these appointments. Our Exercise Physiologists will work with you to add to your programs and nut out anything you’ve been having trouble with. These appointments last 30 minutes.

Online Training

Our at-home training programs are perfect for the person who can’t make it to the gym, would prefer to train at home or just simply doesn’t have a lot of time. We’ve designed our at home programs to combine conditioning, plyometrics, gymnastics, olympic lifting and mobility work. These programs are personalised to you, what equipment you have (or don’t have) at home and your goals.

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