7 Reasons Why You Should See an Exercise Physiologist

A new era of rehabilitation is evolving. Exercise Physiologists are experts in exercise rehabilitation and are specialists in providing patients with sustainable results to healthcare.

Ever heard of the quote “The greatest medicine is to teach people how not to need it”? This has never been more accurate. We are constantly discovering that there are better ways to be pain free and healthy than medication and surgery. That’s where Exercise Physiology comes in; Exercise Physiologists are experts in rehabilitations and exercise. They are able to successfully rehabilitate a number chronic musculoskeletal conditions (including chronic lower back pain and shoulder pain), diabetes, obesity and more.

Who should be seeing an Exercise Physiologist?

  • Anyone experiencing musculoskeletal pain or injuries,
  • Anyone diagnosed with obesity,
  • Anyone diagnosed with type II diabetes,
  • Anyone wanting to improve their fitness,
  • Anyone experiencing pain when completing their current fitness program,
  • Anyone experiencing pain pre or post pregnancy,
  • An athlete wanting to improve their sports performance.

Exercise Physiologists will provide you with changes to your health that suit your lifestyle and will be able to get you off of your pain medication and feeling 100 bucks.

Published by Urban Health HQ

We are a health and fitness centre offering Occupational Therapy, Exercise Physiology, Personal Training and Group Fitness classes.

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