#1 Guide to Personal Training Clients with Chronic Shoulder Bursitis Injuries

What is Shoulder Bursitis?

Shoulder Bursitis refers to the inflammation of the bursa, a fluid-filled sac placed between the bones in joints. The bursa has the role of providing shock absorption at the joints and ensuring the bones pass smoothly over one another during movements. Bursitis is a repetitive strain injury, meaning it is an injury which occurs due to overuse and repetitive movement of a joint, and by direct impact and injury to the joint.  Bursitis is characterised by deep shoulder pain which gradually gets worse until it is constant. Bursitis is often aggravated by movements in the gym if completed by an untrained professional.

How is Bursitis Treated?

Chronic bursitis should be treated with a team of health professionals including soft tissue occupational therapists and exercise physiologists.

Exercise Physiologists are experts in exercise, often they are qualified personal trainers who have gone on to study exercise for rehabilitation of injuries at a tertiary level. An exercise physiologist will give you an exercise program aimed at increasing stability through your rotator cuff, without causing any excess spasming or tightness. These exercises will work to prevent your bursitis from progressively getting worse and assist in the healing process. Your exercise physiologist will ensure that you are completing your stretches and exercises effectively and safely, so that these can be completed at home or in the gym, in between appointments.

A soft tissue occupational therapist will use a variety of hands on treatment techniques to increase the length of muscles, reduce spasming in your shoulder joint. These techniques will provide pain relief and assist in the healing of your shoulder joint. Furthermore, a soft tissue occupational therapist will provide you with techniques to manage inflammation and exacerbations in your pain levels at home.

At Urban Health HQ our highly trained Exercise Physiologists and Soft Tissue Occupational Therapists will use a variety of approaches to help treat your injuries, conditions or any concerns you may have. You can make an appointment today by calling 0411 563 391.

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