3 Tips to Achieve Brachialis Muscle Pain Relief

What is the brachialis?  

The brachialis is a muscle that originates from the front of your humerus bone located within your upper arm. The brachialis is deep on the front of your upper arm, behind the biceps muscle. The muscle origin is on your humerus bone and it inserts at the proximal ulna bone. 

The primary function of the brachialis is to flex your elbow joint, i.e allowing you to bend your elbow. 

Brachialis muscle pain causes 

Pain in the brachialis may be the result of spasming and tightness, tendonitis (inflammation of the tendon attaching your muscles to the bone) or a muscle tear. In this case, a soft tissue occupational therapist can help provide brachialis muscle pain relief.  

The brachialis muscle can become overloaded from repetitive use, causing spasming and shortening, which generates a pain response. Trigger points are palpable knots within your muscles, these cause muscle pain within the brachialis. The shortening of brachialis can prevent full extension of your elbow. Overall, overuse the brachialis through tasks which require repetitive flexion will cause pain. 

Anyone can experience pain within this muscle, but it is more commonly seen in fitness enthusiasts, manual workers, guitarists, or rock climbers. Activities that induce pain can include: Moving or carrying heavy objects, fitness exercises (anything involving elbow flexion, such as chin ups) and playing guitar. A soft tissue occupational therapist will assess your daily occupations and activities to determine the root cause of your brachialis muscle pain as to best find a treatment that will provide pain relief.  

Tip 1: If participating in any of the activities mentioned above, be sure to take frequent rest breaks in between to allow your muscles to rest. 

Brachialis muscle pain locations 

The brachialis muscle may cause pain in the: 

  • Front shoulder 
  • Upper arm 
  • Elbow 
  • Base of the thumb 

The brachialis muscle pain can extend beyond the upper arm area where the muscle is located into other areas of the body, known as referred pain. 

Tip 2: Regular stretching intervals can assist with brachialis pain. To stretch your brachialis keep your elbow extended, raise your arm in front of you and gently pull your fingers back towards your body as demonstrated in the diagram below:

Common Shoulder Stretching Exercises | FrozenShoulder.com ...
source: frozenshoulder.com

Tip 3: If you are not achieving pain relief with the use of heat and stretching book in to see a soft tissue occupational therapist. A soft tissue occupational therapist will assess and diagnose the cause of your pain and prescribe a treatment plan to provide brachialis muscle pain relief. This treatment plan may involve trigger point release, dry needling or provision of stretching exercises to assist in healing the muscle. Your soft tissue occupational therapist will also discuss your occupations (i.e. every activity you do in your day) with you to try and diagnose the cause of the pain and assist you with changing your habits or workplace ergonomics that is contributing to your pain. 

At Urban Health HQ our highly trained Soft Tissue Occupational Therapists will use hands on approaches to help treat your injuries. You can make an appointment today by calling 0411 563 391 or emailkristen@urbanhealthhq.com.au  

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