#1 Guide to Hormone Changes Pre and Post Pregnancy.

There is a lot of change that happens throughout the duration of pregnancy. These changes can vary from physical symptoms such as food cravings to emotional symptoms such as mood-swings. All these changes are due to rapid changes within the hormone levels of your body. With the birth of your baby, all these bodily changesContinue reading “#1 Guide to Hormone Changes Pre and Post Pregnancy.”

How a Muscle Spasm Can Cause Sciatica and What to do About it.

Sciatica refers to the entrapment of the sciatic nerve.Muscle spasms can cause sciatica pain by causing nerve compression. A muscle spasm is an involuntary tightening of the muscles – these muscles tighten without your conscious intent. We’ve made a comprehensive list of stretches and exercises to help you get rid of your sciatic pain today!

What is Exercise Physiology?

Exercise Physiologists are specialists in the prescription of exercise for musculoskeletal pain and chronic health conditions. Exercise Physiology intervention can involve physical rehabilitation, health education and exercise counselling. The biggest difference between Exercise Physiologists and other health professionals such as physiotherapists is that exercise physiology treatment focuses on not only the rehabilitation of injuries, but the prevention of future injuries/re-injury.

3 Tips to Achieve Brachialis Muscle Pain Relief

Pain in the brachialis may be the result of spasming and tightness, tendonitis (inflammation of the tendon attaching your muscles to the bone) or a muscle tear. In this case, a soft tissue occupational therapist can help provide brachialis muscle pain relief.